Fully Paid For Trips

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 Fully Paid For Trips As A Filmmaker

Hey, what is going on guys, my name is Thomas Mesen and I’m the Founder of Mesen Productions. I wanted to drop in and share with you my experience when it comes to traveling the world and shooting footage. Locking down deals is easy if you love what you do. It’s just about connecting and networking with NEW people. If you struggle to lock down deals it’s more of a performance issue you have to go out there and get the job done yourself you have to put in the work or hire someone else to get your brand out. The most important thing that you can do is to create content and post it online consistently every single day or every other day pushing your brand in a positive way.

 You don’t want to be too pushy you don’t want to sell and sell and sell all you have to do is do an amazing job with editing for your clients / potential clients do free edits if you have to. Get your work out there that is the important thing. Consistently get your work out there into the marketplace so potential clients can view your work. If you are not consistent it’s not going to work out, so consistency is key!

Work with numbers reach out to successful entrepreneurs anyone within your target market. Your target market should be established “by the way” if you do not have a target market you are doing yourself a huge disservice my target market is small business owners and entrepreneurs.

As an entrepreneur you have to go out there and get it done. I have locked down many deals personally we have had the privilege to fly / drive out two Michigan, New York City, Philadelphia, North Carolina, Florida, New Jersey and soon China!  All of these deals were fully paid for and this is just the beginning of my journey if I can do it you can most definitely do it I had a learning disability with in the school system and was never a strong academic person but I always knew how to go out there and lock down deals. – Thomas Mesen CEO of Mesen Productions